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Are OTC Acne Washes, Scrubs & Gels Making My Acne Worse? What do I do?

Posted on Monday, June 19, 2017 AT 11:50 AM  By   Sheetal Rawal

Over-the-counter, or OTC, acne products use ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to help treat your acne and keep it under control. Most use these ingredients at a very high concentration or the very highest allowed. If you have or are suffering from acne, it is natural that you w [...]

5 Easy Hair Remedies to Make Your Split Ends Vanish Before Your Eyes

Posted on Sunday, June 11, 2017 AT 4:54 PM  By   Sheetal Rawal

Split ends can ruin the look of your hair like nothing else. Let’s face it, you can iron out your frizz, you can change the color of your hair if that dye job went horribly wrong; but what are you supposed to do about your split ends. Other than chop off a considerable amount of your hair that is. [...]

8 Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles Using Coffee, Turmeric & Apple

Posted on Thursday, June 08, 2017 AT 11:32 AM  By   Sheetal Rawal

No one is immune to dark circles – many men and women are affected by this annoying problem. A number of things can cause dark circles. Lack of adequate sleep, stress, an unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal changes, genetics, and more.  There are quite a few chemical-based products available to hel [...]

10 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Whiteheads Super Fast

Posted on Monday, June 05, 2017 AT 1:03 PM  By   Sheetal Rawal

If you have oily skin then you probably know what it feels like to have whiteheads. Annoying, right? Well truth be told whiteheads can be a problem even if you do not have oily skin. Combination and dry skin both can be prone to whiteheads too. Similar to blackheads, whiteheads are formed under [...]

5 Homemade Alternatives to Chemical Peels for Glowing, Even & Firm Skin

Posted on Thursday, June 01, 2017 AT 12:15 PM  By   Sheetal Rawal

A spotless and flawless complexion lies just beneath the surface your skin. And many think that chemical peels are the fastest way to get there. That is debatable. But even if it were true, the fastest route can also be the most dangerous. At least that is true considering the side effects of chem [...]